No elbows...No problem

It's Ashley.....don't have many interesting things about me. I'm 25....that's not exciting. Oh yeah my arms don't work so my feet do. I'm a foot artist....they're my money makers
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My webcam girl page….if anyone’s interested haha


pretty girls with a messy bun and baggy shirts look hot as fuck but when i do it it’s like i’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight

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house arrest wouldn’t even be a punishment for me

I never get out anyways

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something lovely my therapist said  (via heureun)

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Your feelings are valid simply because you feel them.


I wish girls would kick me….not gross dudes. I LIKE GIRLS


Youre sleeping over with her after not even saying you were….

just wish you would have said and shannon ran into my house worried

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Too much has been said and too little has been done.
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